I'm done with the culture of body shaming

I thought so. In my time as a personal trainer and self-love coach, one thing I have come to realise is the unequivocal link between self-perceived body image and the measurement of self-worth, particularly for women and young girls. 
March 09, 2020 — Lydia McCartney

The Importance of Habit Building

Habits build your future, they are the foundations of success.

People think its motivation that creates success but its the small habits we do everyday that create change. 

October 06, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

Lydia, What is Self Love to you?

This week has been filled with meeting new people and new opportunities. The most common question I've been asked is 'Lydia, What is self Love to you?' 

In this blog I discuss exactly that! 

September 30, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

Limiting beliefs - My therapist was right!

Limiting beliefs and self doubt, what are they and how do they impact us?
September 23, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

Ahh its coming together

I feel like I've been planning this for so long but always put the breaks on any kind of movement with my website. I wasn't sure why, until now. 


September 09, 2019 — Lydia McCartney