Ever wondered at what point you began to dislike your body? Ever woke up and felt exhausted by the internal criticism for what you see reflecting back at you? ever wanted to have sex without worrying what your body looks like? 
I mean you weren't born that way so what happened?

This is a 5 week coaching programme designed to help you delve deep into those questions and learn to love the body you have, understand your relationship now with yourself and your body. 

I want to show women they can love and accept their bodies for how it is right now without the need to change it to something that makes them feel worthy. 
During the coaching programme I will guide you through a range of topics such as;
- Understanding the language associated towards your body and the impact of this. 
- Understanding the triggers and beliefs you have around your body and what experiences they stem from. 
- Expression of emotions and how impactful this is to gaining control and connection over your body and eating habits. 
- How to connect with your body, quieten the inner voice that keeps you feeling unworthy and become your biggest cheerleader.
- Understand your eating habits. 

This is my area of knowledge and I am so excited to hold space and finally show women hating our bodies and not feeling enough isn't the norm! Its time to take control and re-write a new normal where women love their bodies and have acceptance for who they are !

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