WARNING! Please don’t read any further if you’re:

Just starting out on your self-love journey and you’re not convinced that complete freedom, success, love and joy can only truly be achieved once you start working on yourself from within.

Not in a position or have never invested in your personal development before and the thought of spending money on your self-worth and mindset is a concept that is new or fearful to you.

Struggling with a scarcity mindset or not in a financial position to make a bold, life changing investment.

Not ready to explore uncomfortable truths about yourself and allow yourself to go deeper with your self-development.

Fearful of making such an important commitment to your future self and believe a self-love coaching programme is an expense rather than an investment.

Not identifying with any of these statements?

Amazing...read on, beautiful soul!

Deeply Divine is YOUR sacred container if you:

Have experienced incredible self-discovery and development through self-love work, you’ve gotten so used to feeling in alignment, but something has changed recently.

Feel like you’ve been on a fast-track journey, grown so much but you’ve hit a ceiling and unsure how to break through it on your own.

Are thriving in most parts of your life, but old patterns keep repeating themselves and you need to unlock more self-worth so you can get clarity on the next stage of your journey.

Are in love with the journey so far, you’re in love with your life but you know deep down there is more. You have more to unlock but you don't know how to up level.

Feeling lost, but you're ready to welcome in the next level of self-love to discover your real potential.

Believe that anything is possible and you’re ready, right now to get unstuck by committing to yourself, investing in yourself and calling in monumental change.

Deep down, you know you have just scratched the surface of your magic

What would it feel like if you were able to shed that last bit of self-doubt, let go of that overwhelming doubt that is stopping your self-worth from shining through?

What could you achieve if you finally healed from past traumas and allowed yourself to feel unbound worthiness?

What would be different in your life if you stopped wasting energy on that recurring limiting belief and instead had complete clarity and a new wave of momentum running through your veins?

What would happen if you didn’t feel like you were constantly judging and doubting yourself, if you were able to just get out of your own goddamn way?

What if there was a way you could see not only what the next level up looks like for you, but 10 levels higher, with a brand new perspective of your wildest desires?

Beautiful lady, you’re more than ready to blast through that glass ceiling.

Stop trying to convince yourself that you have enough, you know there are more parts of yourself to discover, to reclaim.

You’ve had a taste of freedom through self-love, now you want complete liberation.

You just need the space and tools that are aligned to your higher power so you can co-create and jump in your desired life.

It’s time to upgrade your energy and your power. And Deeply Divine is your sacred container for this.

Take a deep breath and just imagine

  • Feeling an even stronger sense of purpose and drive return to your soul, you’ve felt that energy before but it’s been waning and now you’re ready for your heart to feel set alight again.

  • Waking up in the morning and looking at your reflection feeling a powerful even deeper love for yourself.

  • Imagine being able to see your vision, feel your vision, design it and make it a reality.

  • The confidence to take your goals and multiply them, showing up on calls and business opportunities and commanding the conversation with ease.

  • Having a new found energy deep in your belly that keeps all of your goals and actions in complete alignment with your new vision you are effortlessly creating.

  • Feeling impenetrable peace, complete clarity for your future and an overwhelming excitement because you know that anything is possible.

  • Your inbox is filling up with new opportunities and you’re getting notifications daily from your bank with deposits of money.

  • You’re now celebratingbeing fucking audacious!

I know what you’re thinking

But what if this is it for me? What if this is as good as it can be?

Beautiful lady, you didn’t come this far on your journey to stop here, you haven’t even scratched the surface of the impact you could have in this world.

You’ve come so far on your own and you’re feeling like you’re letting yourself down by not being able to push past this ceiling. I was literally there myself a few months ago and the only way I helped my situation was to make this biggest investment I have ever made in myself.

But, it was literally terrifying. So I get it, I really do.

I used to be where you are right now

It was only a few months ago when I hit a certain point in my journey, I felt stuck, lost and old beliefs kept showing up for me.

I was like, “What the fuck is this? This is Lydia from 4 years ago!”

I won’t lie to you, it was so tough. I was approaching the anniversary of my Nan’s death, I had caught an infection and needed emergency surgery and I struggled to keep my shit together.

Those repeated cycles were showing up still and I was ready to give up and settle for what I had.


I realised I am capable of anything and am deserving of everything and SO ARE YOU.

So I dug deep, made the biggest investment in myself and FINALLY returned home to me.

And let me tell you just how different I feel. I have completely embodied the woman I envisioned to be and have never felt more at peace, more abundant and unbelievably excited for the future.

My relationship with myself and those around me have become deeper and I feel more connected to my purpose.

I manifested my first £10k month and have now made £40k in 4 months!!!

I’m just amazed at how much more I had to give and to think I was going to give up and settle.

This elevation to my higher self has helped me to develop this incredible new container - Deeply Divine, for women like me who are ready to take their potential to the next level.

Introducing Deeply Divine. 

The only self-love coaching container that provides miraculous shifts in audacious women so they can create a reality that thrives in all areas of their lives.

I’ve developed Deeply Divine after seeing the life changing transformations of over 40 women from all over the world through my Divine Transformation coaching programme.

I have the powerful ability to guide women to go deeper within themselves to uncover their deepest desires and help them to create shifts in their minds and in their souls.

Deeply Divine has been brought to life to show courageous women the world of opportunity self-love opens for them.

I'm the Queen of deep transformations

I’m ready to take 6 ladies who are ready to up level through a beautiful journey, with shifts that will change their whole fucking life.

The Divine has expanded each round and Deeply Divine is the ultimate expansion.

I have been guided by the previous women who needed more time to integrate the incredible shifts and realisations they received throughout the container.

Deeply Divine is a 6 month retainer, giving you the time to let all of the shifts in consciousness work their magic as you experience revelation after revelation. You’ll have time to digest and allow yourself to embody your full empowerment, including my new Sovereign Reclaim Method which will give you the tools to truly embody your inner queen.

Stop searching for a place to rest, instead come home to yourself, become Deeply Divine

Deeply Divine is for the heart-centred, successful woman who wants more from life.

This 6-month sacred retainer will take you from unworthy to unapologetic through deeply profound self-love work. 

Hand on my heart, I truly believe this coaching programme is the most powerful self-love container you will ever experience.

Get ready for profound realisations, enlightenment and life changing transformation.

The Deeply Divine Blueprint

I have designed and formulated this 6-month container using my own techniques and methods to ensure all of the ladies I work with, receive deep, transformational shifts in their perspectives, feel deeply connected to themselves and come out of this container feeling unapologetically worthy and powerful.

Month 1: Coming Inward 

We start the programme with understanding what self-love truly means for you on a deep personal level.

We will work together with my Coming Inward Methodto get you feeling more connected to yourself than you ever have. This is the fundamental strategy that all of my clients need to be able to start cultivating more abundance in their lives.

In this module you will learn about Archetypes - A concept that gives insight into psychology, patterns of behaviour and energetics. 

Month 2: Story Reshape 

You can’t start to create a future vision for yourself without first understanding where you have come from and what your story is.

Get ready to feel shifts in your perspective with my Story Reshape System as you rediscover your beliefs and how you have lived your life according to these so far. Then we reshape and rewrite your story so you can go after your wildest desires

Month 3: Sacred Surrender 

Discover the powerful and blissful peace that comes with forgiveness and surrender.

Prepare to feel completely free of negative emotions as you work through uncomfortable realisations that have held you back. We’ll explore inner child work and you will be guided through shadow work that will result in massive shifts.

Prepare to surrender to yourself with my Sacred Surrender Technique

Month 4: Expansion 

Get ready to really feel the powerful effects of everything you have learnt come together as we explore the practice of expansion.

It’s time to start playing bigger than you ever have, calling in new levels of abundance that you can absolutely achieve with my Expansion Practise.

Month 5: Power, passion & purpose

This juicy month will see your self-love practice come into its own as we get really clear on what it is that is going to keep that fire in your belly burning.

Reclaim your freedom, propel to the next financial bracket, attract powerful love and have unlimited self-worth.

Month 6: The Sovereign Reclaim 

Step in to your higher power, embody your inner Goddess and start living in true alignment with your deepest, wildest desires. 

Prepared to feel unapologetically powerful as you navigate your new magical reality with my Sovereign Reclaim Method.

I’m Lydia, Reclaim and Embodiment Coach

I help to transform the lives of women who want to make their dreams a reality through powerful transformational coaching and trauma healing practices.

I have developed my own tools using the wisdom I have developed from my own experience in healing and transformation to get my clients the best results, so they fall in love with themselves and their life.

I offer love, compassion and understanding with every single woman that comes to me for support. 

Everyday I feel so grateful that I have changed the lives of 100's women from all over the world.

It's definitely been a journey

It all started for me after a tough breakup. Typical right? But I'm sure a lot of you can resonate to this feeling of heartbreak and sadness when you leave a relationship that you gave your all to and saw as your future.

I came out of that dynamic feeling lost, unworthy and defeated. Now what? I definitely internalised a lot of hurt throughout those years against myself which manifested negatively in my attitude towards life and most importantly myself and my body.

What's wrong with me? why aren't I enough? if I give more it will change?

The past year I've learnt so much about deep self love as I navigated my way through grief, a serious health issue and like many of us the mental impact of lockdown. 

My ability to go deep with my clients is dependant on how deep I go with myself, and let me tell you I've been deep to a lot of uncomfortable places but that has made me the woman I am today. 



Not afraid to take up space

Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel like anything is fucking possible...ANYTHING

During our six months together you will hear how to design a life you have complete control of, let go of bullshit society rules we’re told to conform, break that glass ceiling and embrace complete freedom.

You’ll see how self-love is the foundation of abundance and financial freedom that allows you to shed any fear you have about finding and living your purpose.

You’ll feel empowered to start taking immediate action towards your most desired vision of the future.

Do you have an overwhelming urge to understand yourself on an even deeper level, so you can unlock infinite self-worth and discover what could be next for you?

By the end of 2021 you could have co-created a life so fulfilling and developed the tools to keep on expanding as you evolve throughout your journey.

Do you really want to sit on all of your potential, or instead get the clarity and the support from being part of a beautiful container of like minded women?

You know how absolutely essential self-love is to your development, but do you know how to take it to the next level? You know you have a choice right now to make.

Will it be the choice to remain stuck and unaligned? Or will you take the big courageous jump into your sovereign?

You have the power within to experience beautiful growth.

Programme Options

  • Divine Goddess
  • VIP Divine Goddess

Full Programme Price: £6,000

What's included

Access to me as your coach for 6 months                             £6,400

Private Facebook group                                                                 Invaluable

Fortnightly group coaching calls                                                £4,400

Fortnightly Q&A in the private group                                     £1500

Daily support from me and the other women                    Invaluable 

Access to my catalogue of private meditations                £500

Access to module coaching videos                                           £500

Special guest coaching sessions x 4                                         £1000

Welcome gift                                                                                         £40

Total Value: £14,340

(x6 payments of £1,000pm or deposit of £2,000 with x6 payments of £666pm)

Guest coaching sessions from an intuitive eating coach, astrologist coach, sex & relationship coach

Full Programme Price: £9,000

What's included

Access to me as your 1-1 coach for 6 months                       £12,000
Private Facebook group                                                                    Invaluable
Fortnightly group coaching calls                                                  £4,400
Fortnightly Q&A in the private group                                       £1500
Daily support from me and the other women                      Invaluable
Access to my catalogue of private meditations                  £500
Access to module coaching videos                                             £500
Special guest coaching sessions x 4                                           £1000
Welcome gift                                                                                           £100

Total Value: £24,400

(x6 payments of £1500pm or deposit of £2000 with x6 payments of £1166pm)

Access to me includes intimate Voxer  support to coach you through the radical transformation plus a 30 minute coaching call every 8 weeks.

Guest coaching sessions from an intuitive eating coach, astrologist coach, sex & relationship coach

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